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DiseaseINFOPACK is an expert overview presentation forming the beginning of your new market evaluation.

Whether you are considering a new product opportunity or seeking to grow an existing product it is critical to understand the latest key issues within each disease area.

DiseaseINFOPACK covers all of the main aspects of a disease causing pathogen allowing a client to "get up to speed" quickly.

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VADIP019 Seasonal influenza vaccines Click here> June 2012
VADIP014 Meningococcus serogroup B Click here> June 2012
VADIP001 Clostridium difficile in US/EU Click here> Nov 2008
VADIP017 Clostridium difficile in China Click here> Nov 2009
VADIP018 Clostridium difficile - ROW/Emerging markets Click here> May 2010
VADIP002 Foot-and-mouth disease Click here> Oct 2007
VADIP003 Community-acquired MRSA Click here> May 2008
VADIP004 ESBL-producing E.coli Click here> Oct 2007
VADIP005 Acinetobacter baumannii Click here> May 2009
VADIP006 Group A Strep (invasive) Click here> July 2008
VADIP007 RSV (elderly) Click here> June 2008
VADIP008 Chlamydia trachomatis Click here> May 2008
VADIP009 Norovirus/Calicivirus Click here> Sept 2008
VADIP010 Influenza (H5N1) Click here> March 2009
VADIP011 Non-typeable H.influenzae Click here> March 2009
VADIP012 Dental Caries Coming soon Q1 2011
VADIP013 Chikungunya virus Click here> May 2009
VADIP014 Neisseria meningitidis Coming soon Q1 2011
VADIP015 Enterovirus-71 Click here> August 2009
VADIP016 S.dysgalactiae (SDSE) Click here> September 2009

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