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MarketVIEW: Chikungunya virus vaccines

To be published: February 2020

Chikungunya virus (CHIK) is an arthropod-borne RNA virus (arbovirus) which causes an acute illness including fever, skin rash, and incapacitating arthralgia. In some cases, the virus can cause recurrent disease (post-CHIK rheumatic disorder), neurological complications and severe neonatal disease (encephalopathy). CHIK is not generally considered a life-threatening disease, with an estimated case-fatality rate of 0.1%. However, concerns are increasing. In 2016, the Brazilian Ministry of Health recognised more than 200 deaths related to CHIK infection and during 2018/2019 a further 126 deaths were recorded across the PAHO region.

A number of potential CHIK vaccine candidates (based on various approaches) are now in the clinical stages of development including those from Emergent Biosolutions (PaxVax), Themis Bio GmbH, Valneva Austria GmbH. The Emergent Biosolutions (PaxVax) and Themis Bio vaccine candidates received fast-track designation by the FDA and EU in May/June 2018 respectively followed by Valneva in Dec 2019. Recently, the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) has disbursed funds to ongoing CHIK vaccine programs and regulators are considering new accelerated pathways to licensure based on immunogenicity (ICOP). A CHIK vaccine could be used in vulnerable populations in both endemic public/private markets and possibly in Western travelers (profile dependent).

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive commercial evaluation containing an Executive Presentation (>200 slides) and 1 x MS Excel Workbook(s) (.xls) examining the potential (value/volume) of a prophylatic Chikungunya vaccine to 2035. The prospects of the vaccine in First time and Repeat Western travelers (Visiting Friends/Family and Business + Other), endemic markets (public + private) and for military/domestic stockpile use are discussed with assumptions clearly outlined. A newly engineered model for 2020 now explores a mixed vaccine schedule market whereby competitor entrance scenarios can be visualized. A full review of disease background, latest epidemiology/outbreaks and competitor/R&D activity is also provided.

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION (>200 slides, .pdf form) + 1 x FORECAST MODEL(s) (.xls)

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