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Our location
VacZine Analytics is a UK company located in the historic market town of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. We are half way between the science and business centers of London (45min) and Cambridge (30min).

London's Stansted Airport is a mere 10 min drive allowing us access to many major European and US cities by air.

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Bishop's Stortford has an interesting connection with vaccination. Dr Thomas Dimsdale (1712-1800) who practised smallpox vaccination and famously visited Russia in 1768 to vaccinate Catherine the Great is buried in the town. Dimsdale's work is described in the following publications:

» Dr.Thomas Dimsdale and Smallpox Inoculation in Russia. Cledenning J Hist Med Allied Sci.1973; XXVIII: 109-125

» The present method for innoculating against the smallpox.Thomas Dimsdale M.D, 1768. London.
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