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Current market dynamics [examples]:

June 2022:
Seasonal influenza is an mRNA battleground

March 2022:
A third of the major vaccine company pipeline is mRNA

November 2021:
Epstein-barr virus vaccines - preventing downstream risk

November 2020:
Seasonal influenza vaccines and the mRNA threat

August 2020:
The vaccine industry - filling the $2.5bn hole

June 2020:
Norovirus vaccines - rethinking market segments

June 2019:
A new Lyme disease vaccine - bravery to be rewarded

August 2018:
Pfizer's BioNTech influenza deal - the bold latecomer

July 2018:
A Lassa Fever vaccine - follow the footsteps of Ebola

February 2018:
FY 2017 vaccines sales data - major players [premium]

January 2018:
An opioid use disorder vaccine

November 2017:
3Q vaccines sales data - major players

August 2017:
H1 (2Q) vaccines sales data - major players

May 2017:
Conference Report: 3rd ICVI London

April 2017:
2016 FY results - the impact of real use and true product innovation.

February 2017:
Vaccines in the Trump era.

December 2016:
2016 - year of the flavivirus vaccine.

November 2016:
2017 places higher pressure on hospitals to avoid HAIs.

September 2016:
A Zika vaccine - the case strengthens.

May 2016:
The global influenza vaccine market - where next?

March 2016:
2015 FY - Pfizer grows vaccine industry.

February 2016:
A Zika vaccine - late to the party we must attend

December 2015:
2015 - The year of meningitis vaccines

August 2015:
2015 Q2 - round up of results and R&D

May 2015:
Human metapneumovirus - why the poor cousin of RSV?

March 2015:
2014 FY Results - vaccine industry, still bumping along.

December 2014:
Top ten vaccine industry events - 2015.

November 2014:
Influenza vaccines - more options but don't lose sight of longer term.

October 2014:
No room for blame after our surprise from Ebola.

September 2014:
54th ICAAC, Washington DC conference - selective innovation won't do.

August 2014:
Pfizer vaccines boosts presence with low risk Baxter acquisitions.

June 2014:
Caribbean Chikungunya outbreak should move vaccine back onto the agenda.

April 2014:
Novartis to the vaccines industry - can we have our money back please?

March 2014:
Bexsero�: good for UK children, Novartis Vaccines and a flat industry.

February 2014:
2013 FY results - QIVs a highlight in a flat industry

December 2013:
Clostridium difficile vaccines: multipronged US-biased strategy to reduce economic burden.

November 2013:
Meningococcal group B vaccine, Bexsero�: too late for the science? Stick to the wider economics

October 2013:
Who will benefit from the predicted boom in inactivated polio virus vaccines?

September 2013:
Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) - worry, but dont panic.

August 2013:
Q2 2013 - Roundup of results and R&D

June 2013:
M&A in the vaccine sector.

March 2013:
PCSK9 mAbs or even vaccines - the new statins?

February 2013:
2012 FY results - a flat industry poised for growth.

January 2013:
Protein Sciences FluBlok - finally here but much still to be done.

December 2012:
2012 - another year for the vaccine industry.

October 2012:
Latest review of the vaccine R&D pipeline - Autumn 2012.

August 2012:
The vaccines industry: Q2 2012 round-up of results and R&D.

June 2012:
Quadrivalent influenza vaccines: full switch or niche position?

April 2012:
Is it still worth developing a Staph vaccine?

February 2012:
2011 FY Results - vaccine industry waiting for next burst of growth.

January 2012:
A(H5N1), Avian influenza - still with us, ready to pounce?

November 2011:
Vaccine major players - Q3 round-up of results and R&D.

September 2011:
XVIII Lancefield International Symposium, Palermo, Sicily......vaccine update.

June 2011:
Melanoma vaccines - have Roche and BMS moved the goal posts?

May 2011:
New vaccines for dengue. Paying adults please.

March 2011:
2010 FY Results. Its more than H1N1.......

January 2011:
The current industry landscape for therapeutic vaccines.

December 2010:
The vaccine industry in 2010 - highlights and lowlights.

November 2010:
How much is the current R&D vaccine pipeline worth? PREMIUM
Vaccine major players - Q3 round up of results and R&D

September 2010:
Discussing vaccines at the 50th ICAAC Boston.

August 2010:
Vaccine major players - Q2 round up of results and R&D
Considerations when commercial modelling a universal influenza vaccine. PREMIUM

June 2010:
A credible GBS vaccine - finally back on the agenda

May 2010:
Vaccine major players - Q1 round up of results and R&D

April 2010:
Healthcare acquired infections and vaccines - the profile determines everything. PREMIUM

March 2010:
Vaccines and Japanese Encephalitis - too early to call for Ixiaro?

February 2010:
The vaccine industry in 2009 - well past the $20 billion barrier.

January 2010:
H1N1 - boost to Novartis Vaccines, the industry but for how long?

December 2009:
2009 and vaccines - lots of activity, and surprises.

November 2009:
New meningitis B vaccines - does the best science matter? PREMIUM
Rethinking new meningitis ACWY vaccines.
How to monitor fast moving vaccine R&D.

October 2009:
New vaccine adjuvants - MPL paves the way.
H1N1 vaccines - the pros and cons of new technologies.

September 2009:
Vaccinating teenagers - growth platform.

August 2009:
Enterovirus-71: a long-term bet for the SE Asia region? PREMIUM
Latest vaccine R&D pipeline - flu sets agenda.

June 2009:
Chikungunya virus - should we think now about a vaccine?
Prevnar and PCV-13 versus Synflorix - waging war at 27th ESPID with antibody levels. PREMIUM

May 2009:
Major vaccine players - the race to Japan.
Modelling H1N1 vaccine demand - another multibillion dollar issue.

April 2009:
Swine flu (H1N1) reminds us our flu vaccine technologies need updating.
GSKs Synflorix and Non-typeable H.influenzae - the secret to beating Wyeth? PREMIUM

March 2009:
Pandemic flu - building the case to prime now.

February 2009:
The vaccine industry - still growing, but more slowly.

January 2009:
GSK and Synflorix: closer to a different marketplace? PREMIUM
Wyeth and vaccines: first acquiring then acquired.
US Pandemic Planning Update VI - strong vaccine progress to date.

December 2008:
The vaccine movers and shakers of 2008. Looking towards 2009.
GSK malaria vaccine - a positive step for novel adjuvant systems?

November 2008:
Clostridium difficile - the bad news and possibly good news.

October 2008:
The vaccine R&D pipeline - is influenza being overdone?
GSK Bio and AFFiRiS - are therapeutic vaccines back in fashion?
48th Annual ICAAC/IDSA, Washington, DC - vaccines update.

September 2008:
Norovirus vaccines: time for re-examination?

August 2008:
New US flu vaccine recommendations: continued focus on children.

July 2008
Respiratory syncytial virus - not just for kids..
Group A Streptococcus vaccines - considering the issues.
Sanofi to acquire Acambis - the logical next step.

June 2008:
Novartis Vaccines: diverse early stage pipeline will force rivals to act.

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