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MarketVIEW: Congenital cytomegalovirus vaccines

Published: September 2021

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a DNA virus and member of the herpesvirus family (betaherpesvirinae) and is widely prevalent in humans. In the US, around 50-80% of adults are infected by 40 years of age (US CDC figures) whereas in other parts of the world, especially developing countries, prevalence is much higher, even at younger ages. Usually, CMV infections are dormant causing no significant health issues, however, in certain populations with a weakened immune system e.g. HIV positive individuals, transplants (HSCT/SOT) the virus can reactivate and cause severe disease outcomes in the lungs (pneumonia) and other organs. CMV infection is also a significant concern in the neonate after transmission from a pregnant woman pre- or post-partum. It is estimated that ~20-40,000 US infants (1 in 200) are born each year with congenital CMV infection (cCMV) and, of those, ~8,000 develop neurological sequelae such as hearing loss, intellectual disability, psychomotor delay, speech and language disabilities. CMV is the most common cause of birth defects and childhood disabilities.

A vaccine to prevent congenital CMV disease has been considered a priority for decades and new thinking regarding the importance of certain CMV antigens and wider immunization strategies has recently re-invigorated industry research and development. mRNA-based approaches are now advanced signalling high priority and high potential manufacturer rewards.

This MarketVIEW product is composed of an Executive presentation (.pdf) and MS-Excel forecast (.xls) which appraises the potential commercial value of cytomegalovirus congenital (cCMV) vaccines across the public and private sector of 25 major Western and Emerging (ROW) markets to 2040. Our interactive forecast model can explore the impact of different variables such as: vaccine population targeting strategies, vaccinee CMV serostatus, vaccine price, coverage benchmarks and launch sequence. The analysis includes an up-to-date review of disease epidemiology, treatment and management along with the latest mathematical/CE modelling studies and views on regulatory paths to licensure. A full review of competitor programs is discussed with a focus on Merck & Co (V160), Moderna Therapeutics (mRNA-1647) and other competitors.

This MarketVIEW product consists of a detailed Executive presentation (>175 .pdf slides) and comprehensive MS-Excel workbook (.xls)

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