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MarketVIEW: allergic immunotherapies

Updated: July 2014

Allergy or Allergic rhinitis is caused by sensitivity to a number of environmental factors including grass, tree and weed pollens, house dust mite and cat dander. Prevalence in adults can range from 17 - 40% and is region/climate dependent. For those patients failing to respond to symptomatic treatments e.g. antihistamines Allergen-specific immunotherapy can be an effective alternative which involves long term treatment with SLIT or SCIT based products.

Current market leaders in Allergen-specific immunotherapies are ALK-Abello (Denmark) and Stallergenes (France). Both are currently focused on global expansion strategies for their existing products e.g. Grazax/Oralair but also new product development to address the major unmet need of a more convenient administration profile(s).

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive commercial opportunity assessment detailing the current market for Allergen-specific immunotherapies with a patient based value/volume forecast for all relevant allergens/administration routes to 2025. The model takes into account significant future events including penetration into new countries/regions and launch of new products. A discussion is also included with regard to latest epidemiology; review of regulatory/reimbursement/pricing issues and a focus on key early stage/late stage R&D development programs.


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