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MarketVIEW: Universal influenza vaccines

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Influenza is an acute febrile disease of the respiratory system caused by an enveloped RNA virus where types A and B cause disease in humans. Influenza occurs in yearly epidemics (seasonal) and unpredictable pandemics. It exerts enormous global burden in terms of mortality, morbidity and economic cost. In the US, influenza kills around 20,000 people per year and over 100,000 influenza related hospitalizations. Although the recent H1N1 �swine flu� pandemic has been referred to as mild, the 1918 pandemic �Spanish flu� is estimated to have caused 50 million deaths worldwide demonstrating the lethality of the virus.

This MarketVIEW is a comprehensive MS Excel-based model + summary presentation that forecasts the potential commercial value of universal influenza vaccines across major Western markets to 2035. The model contains value ($ m) and volume (mio doses) predictions along with launch timeframe, TPP, pricing and penetration estimates for all key commercial segments. The BiondVax M-001 candidate is assessed in some detail as a pandemic, seasonal primer and standalone vaccine. A detailed analysis of the current �novel� influenza pipeline is provided with discussion of all relevant scientific and clinical issues.


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