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MarketVIEW: Rotavirus vaccines

Published June 2014

Rotavirus transmitted by the faecal oral route causes fever and vomiting followed by diarrhoea/dehydration in neonates and infants. Recovery is usually complete but in the developing world, the virus is responsible for 5% of all deaths among children below five yrs (453,000 deaths in 2008).

Improvements in water quality and sanitation do not adequately prevent the spread of rotavirus such that vaccination is the best way to prevent severe infection. In 2009, the WHO recommended that rotavirus vaccines be included in all national immunisation programs and considered a priority. Two rotavirus vaccines, Rotarix (GSK Biologicals) and Rotateq (Merck & Co) have been licensed since 2006 and are used in both Western and developing world countries. New rotavirus vaccines are in development which may address the limitations of Rotarix and Rotateq.

This MarketVIEW comprehensive commercial opportunity assessment detailing the current and potential market for Rotavirus vaccine(s) using a patient based value/volume forecast for major Western markets, BRIC-MIT and GAVI countries to 2030. The forecast gives revenues and volume shares per vaccine per region taken into account the launch of new products and roll out into GAVI countries. The analysis also provides an update on competitor R&D activity and includes a detailed update of country national immunisation program parameters to date.


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