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MarketVIEW: veterinary vaccines

Published: November 2014

Veterinary vaccines are a fast growing component of the overall animal health market which itself was worth approximately $24bn/yr in 2013. Key segments are vaccines for companion animals such as the canine and feline markets along with livestock, pigs and poultry. Veterinary vaccines are attractive commercially due to population growth and an increased demand for animal protein as a food source especially driven by emerging markets. In the West, where animal companionship is high, an aging population calls for increased health and well-being of pets where vaccines comprise of around half of total veterinary vaccine market value. A continued threat from zoonoses, which are estimated to affect 14 million people annually, and market attractiveness drive an active research and development pipeline in veterinary vaccines. The top four market players Merck & Co, Zoetis, Merial (Sanofi-Aventis) and Vetmedica comprise around 70% of total veterinary vaccine sales.

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive overview report covering the veterinary vaccines sector. It provides an in depth view of up to date key disease, product, market and research parameters in the field. It will form an introductory product to VacZine Analytics brand new drive into the Veterinary vaccines sector starting 2015.


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