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MarketVIEW: Pertussis booster vaccines

Published: December 2017

Bordetella pertussis is a fastidious, Gram-negative bacterium which causes Pertussis or �whooping cough� an acute respiratory disease only found in humans. Pertussis is characterized by paroxysmal coughing spasms and can have fatal outcomes especially in unvaccinated infants and toddlers. The WHO estimates there were 24�1 million pertussis cases and 160,700 deaths from pertussis in children younger than 5 years in 2014. 53% of the estimated deaths were in infants younger than 1 year. Pertussis remains one of the leading causes of vaccine-preventable deaths worldwide, despite overall high vaccination coverage. Moreover, many Western countries are experiencing a resurgence of pertussis cases which may be explained due to vaccine waning and inefficient protection from newer acellular infant and adolescent vaccines (aP).

Data from newer preclinical models comparing the immune response of aP versus wP vaccines is prompting a rethink on new pertussis vaccine design. However, major manufacturers and new competitors (in the nearer term) are focused on pertussis booster vaccines with incremental adjustments of existing product components. Countries have made significant progress on new vaccination control strategies (e.g. maternal vaccination), but more needs to be done in terms of harmonizing with US recommendations, especially in other target groups.

This MarketVIEW product consists of a detailed Executive Presentation (~150 .pdf slides) and comprehensive MS-Excel work book (.xls, >50 worksheets) which forecasts the potential commercial volume/value pertussis booster vaccines (relevant target groups) across 27 countries to 2030 . There has been an in-depth review of latest pertussis epidemiology, current pertussis vaccines (infant and adult) and current recommendations. Strong attention has been placed on market growth opportunities, research and development activity (preclinical + clinical) and possible market entrance strategies. This analysis is ideally suited for those wishing to evaluate future commercial options for this evolving market and high priority public health issue.

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION (.pdf, 150 slides) + 1 MODEL (.xls, 50 worksheets)

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