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MarketVIEW: Klebsiella pneumoniae vaccines

Published: June 2023

Klebsiella pneumoniae is an encapsulated, Gram-negative non-motile bacterium of the enterobacterales family which typically colonizes the oropharynx and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The classical form of Kp is mainly a opportunistic nosocomial/ICU pathogen which causes infections in immunocompromised or at risk individuals with comorbidities. Common Kp-related infections include pneumonia, urinary tract infection (UTI), pneumonia, intraabdominal infection, bloodstream infection (BSI) and meningitis. A hypervirulent form (hvKp) is capable of causing community-acquired infections, often in healthy individuals, with significant morbidity and mortality. In the developing world, Kp is major cause of neonatal sepsis being responsible for 124,000 deaths [89,000-167,000] in 2019 (GBD 2019). Worldwide (all syndromes) Kp caused 790,000 deaths [571-1,060,000] in 2019 being the 4th leading bacterial cause. Kp exhibit a high degree of antimicrobial resistance. Carbapenem (CRE) and ESBL-producing Kp are considered a critical threat by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

A prophylactic Klebsiella pneumoniae vaccine could prevent invasive disease in a number of target populations both in Western developed countries and the developing world e.g., GAVI-assisted countries. Several approaches are ongoing in both preclinical and clinical development with the most advanced being the GSK/LimmaTECH Bio Kleb4V (GSK4429016A), a subunit conjugate approach which recently completed a Phase 1/2 study [NCT04959344]. Other earlier potential approaches are being pursued by GSK/Affinivax, Syntiron, Vaxdyn and Omniose.

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive Executive Presentation (>225 slides, .pdf) and interactive MS-Excel forecast model (120 worksheets, .xls) which investigate the scenario-based uptake and commercial potential of Klebsiella pneumoniae vaccines across key target groups in 118 nations (public/private) worldwide including HI income and GAVI/developing world countries. A thorough review of latest disease background/epidemiology/resistance trends data is presented along with discussion of latest understanding of vaccinology/R&D competitor landscape. The analysis contains an in-depth commercial assessment of potential Klebsiella pneumoniae vaccine profiles with discussion around target population rationale, potential uptake, pricing and clinical development feasibility/issues

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION (~225 slides, .pdf) + 1 scenario-based interactive MS Excel Workbook(s)
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