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MarketVIEW: Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) older adult, elderly vaccines

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Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common respiratory virus which is now recognized as an important pathogen in adults, especially the elderly. In adults, about 1.5m episodes of RSV-ARI occur in industrialized countries. Globally, 336,000 hospital admissions and 14,000 in-hospital deaths have been estimated although the true burden is believed to be higher (Shi T et al., 2020). In the USA 60-160,000 hospitalizations are estimated for persons >65 yrs with around 6-10,000 deaths (CDC, RSV-NET cited figures), again with wide variance in estimates. Cardiovascular, chronic lung and diabetes are common underlying conditions in persons (>18 yrs) hospitalized with RSV infection with in-hospital mortality at ~12% (Shi T et al., 2022). There is no specific treatment for RSV infection and for those adults who require hospitalization, supportive therapy is still the mainstay of care.

The RSV older adult, elderly vaccine development field is one of the most active in the industry with several pivotal Phase 3 studies now ongoing/completed, 3 of which met pre-specified primary endpoints in 2023. Major companies such as Pfizer, PF-06928316 (ABRYSVO), GSK Biologicals, GSK3844766A (AREXVY), Janssen NV, Ad26.RSV.preF (VAC18193) [adult indication-terminated], ModernaTX, mRNA-1345, Sanofi Pasteur, CL-0059, CL-0137 and Bavarian Nordic, MVA-BN-RSV [recently terminated] have a range of vaccine approaches including mRNA technologies which could facilitate future combination pan-respiratory vaccines, already emerging in seasonal influenza and COVID-19 (mRNA-1073, 1230, 1045). The US ACIP committee met in June 2023 to discuss the now FDA approved Pfizer and GSK RSV vaccines and rather than voting for a broad recommendation, the committee voted in favour for use of RSV vaccines in adults aged 60 and older using shared clinical decision making. Persons in this category could be those with chronic lung diseases, chronic cardiovascular diseases, immune-compromise, hematologic disorders, neurologic disorders, endocrine disorders, kidney and liver disorders and other factors.

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive Executive Presentation (~300 slides, .pdf) and interactive MS-Excel forecast model(s) which investigate the scenario-based commercial potential of RSV older adult elderly vaccines profiles to 2037. 52 countries are included (public/private sector) where the impact of different country specific pricing analogues, at risk stratifications and cohort target ranges can be explored. The new 2023 model can accommodate both yearly and 2-yearly schedules and the potential impact of combination products.

This report contains a thorough review of disease background/epidemiology/cost-effectiveness studies along with vaccinology/R&D competitive landscape with an emphasis on future product differentiators, product longevity & company specific revenues/share per USA, EU, Developed ROW and Emerging markets. It is ideally suited to organisations wishing to access an up-to-date advanced global quantification of the RSV older adult, elderly vaccines future market.

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION (~300 slides, .pdf) + scenario-based interactive MS Excel Workbook(s)
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