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Published: July 2023 Includes traveler survey

The global travel industry is recovering after a significant slump between 2019 and 2020 due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Although UNWTO figures for international tourist arrivals (global, FY2022) were still -37% down from 2019, many analysts believe 2023/2024 could see a return/or even growth over 2019 levels.

Because of the potential for exposure to diseases outside a travelers home country, vaccinations are pivotal in travel medicine. Health bodies such as the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend a review of both routine and recommended vaccines according to travel characteristics and personal health status. Furthermore, some vaccines are mandatory due to International Health Regulations (IHR), 2005 and required for entry required by certain countries e.g., yellow fever, meningococcal (Haj), and polio.

Key travel vaccine companies are the major players such as Sanofi Pasteur, GSK, Merck & Co and Pfizer, but also growing mid-tier players such as Valneva SE and Bavarian Nordic, the latter having made several recent acquisitions in the space. Late-stage or within-registration vaccines such as those for dengue virus, ETEC, Lyme, and chikungunya virus (as well as endemic use) will be offered to travelers in the coming years bringing new complexity and additional costs to pre-travel decision-making.

This MarketVIEW segment analysis is a comprehensive commercial evaluation exploring both existing and new travel vaccines to 2040 from 14 points of origin countries*. A full review of the travel vaccination process, traveler types/behaviors, recommendations (post-pandemic), and company products/portfolios is provided. A new methodology is developed to quantify the value of the existing travel market along with detailed forecasts provided for 9 new vaccine products# (value/volume) per traveler age/type (Visiting Friends/Family and Business + Other). Country-level, forecast assumptions are strengthened by consumer-primary research where prospective travelers to endemic regions have been surveyed in several areas including their awareness of endemic diseases and opinions/attitudes to new travel vaccines. For July 2023, new insights are included regarding dengue and chikungunya travel vaccines e.g. VAL-1553, IXCHIQ (Valneva SE) from the latest June 2023 US ACIP meeting. A new TBE travel vaccine forecast has been added.

THE FULL PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION (>300 slides, .pdf form) + 2 x MS-WORKBOOKs (.xls) #examples including BNT-165, ETVAX, IXCHIQ - please contact us for more details

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