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MarketVIEW: Japanese encephalitis vaccines

Updated: Jan 2017

Japanese encephalitis (JE) is an enzootic mosquito-borne viral disease where humans are incidental �dead end� hosts. JE currently affects countries of SE Asia and Western Pacific where around 3 billion people are considered at risk. The disease mainly affects children (< 15yrs) in poor rural areas where it can result in 25% mortality (est 10,000 deaths/yr) or residual neuropsychiatric sequelae (30% of cases). There are no specific treatments for JE.

Vaccines for JE have been available for decades and used in large scale routine immunization programs in South Korea, China and Japan. Older mouse brain derived vaccines are gradually being replaced by live-attenuated (SA 14-14-2, CIBP) and new vero cell derived inactivated vaccines from both local and Western manufacturers. Countries currently not operating JE vaccination programs are predicted to do so in the next 5 years so increasing demand.

This MarketVIEW product is comprised of a comprehensive MS Excel-based model + Summary executive presentation which forecast the potential commercial value of Japanese Encephalitis vaccine(s) across endemic and travel markets to 2030. The model(s) contain value ($ m) and volume (mio doses) predictions for endemic countries in all age segments, including catch-up (public sector) down to vaccine type. An up to date review of disease background and epidemiology is included with a review of the competitive environment and forecast GAVI introduction to 2020 and beyond.


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